Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's A Big Day

Today is the day! My book, Betrothed to Mr. Darcy, is now available on Amazon. I'm so excited and also nauseatingly nervous. If you would like to help calm my nerves, go to Amazon and buy the book. Go ahead, I'll wait here.

People often say that writing a book is like giving birth and I think there are some similarities. Sending your book out into the world is like sending your kid off to school for the first time and wondering if everyone else will think they are as wonderful as you do.
So today I have sent my baby off into the world and I hope s/he will make lots of new friends. 


  1. Congratulations, Violet! I've been very remiss in visiting your blog lately but I'm happy to see your book baby has gone into the world and I look forward to reading it. :)

    1. Awww. Aren't you sweet! Thanks so much. I have not been too diligent about blogging but I plan to remedy that soon. Stop back any time.


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