Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Road To Publication: The Idea for Betrothed To Mr. Darcy

It's hard to know what to write about on a blog, particularly if you don't think anyone is reading anyway (Hi Pat!). But, why would anyone read if I don't write? It's one of those chicken/egg situations.

So, I am going to write a bit about My Road To Publication.

Part of my motivation to write Betrothed To Mr. Darcy was because I wanted to see if I could. I think the fantasy that I, and many others, have about writers is that they happily sit at keyboards typing away as words magically spring from their fingertips. And of course, those words are always perfect the first time around so there's no need for editing or even spell check.

Fantasy for sure.

Writing is hard work. Parts of it are fun and even the hard work part can be invigorating, but for me, it also involves a fair amount of gnashing of teeth and self-loathing. I find that invigorating because aging and hormones have not provided me with enough opportunities to gnash my teeth and despise myself.

Before I could finish a book, I had to figure out an idea for the book to begin with. I came up with the idea for Betrothed to Mr. Darcy because there is that gap of about a month between the time Lizzy and Darcy become engaged and when they actually get married. I know that weddings were much smaller and less elaborate affairs at that time, but I still liked the idea of wondering how things would go for the two of them during that time. Remember, they never actually courted and their engagement was a surprise to nearly everyone, so the time for people to see them as a couple and for them to see themselves that way too, was that brief period of preparation for their wedding.

So, what happened during that time? It's fun to think about. I imagined Caroline Bingley forced to wear some hideous bridesmaid dress or trying to thwart the wedding, but the more I thought about it, the more interested I became in the idea of Mr. Darcy trying to get used to his new family, The Bennets.

How much could he tolerate in his lovesick state?

How did Lizzy really feel about her mother?

And, seriously, could Darcy actually marry into a family which now included George Wickham?

Thinking about these questions was fun and gave rise to lots of ideas. Try it. You'll see. How much of Mrs. Bennet's chatter could Darcy stand? What about Mary's piano playing? Can love really conquer all?

So, from those ideas came the nuggets of a story. Come back next week to find out more about that.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

WeWriWa and Snippet Sunday : A Gentleman's Reputation

Thank you for stopping by! 
In this scene from Betrothed To Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are sharing their thoughts on the importance of a gentleman's reputation. 

 “What do I care about my reputation? I have money in the bank and soon I will marry the most beautiful and agreeable woman in all of England. You are the one who is overly concerned with the opinions of others, though why you care, I do not know.”
“I care,” Darcy’s firm voice emphasized his point, “because all a gentleman has is his reputation. Once he loses the good opinion of others, it is lost forever.”
“The good opinion of society can be bought and sold. The true love of a good woman, however, cannot.”
“It may not be able to be purchased, but it still comes at a hefty price,” Mr. Darcy said, then exited before Bingley could respond with more of his lovesick drivel. 

Betrothed to Mr. Darcy will be available September 18! I'm pretty excited. 

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Snippet from Betrothed to Mr. Darcy

Sorry I've been MIA for several weeks (yikes, almost two months) but I had to actually write and edit the book. Go figure.

I've already shared a number of snippets but since it was months ago I think I'll start back at the beginning and work my way forward.

Here, Lizzy is sent to settle an argument between her father and Mr. Darcy who have disagreed over the marriage settlement.

“But, this man,” he pointed at Mr. Darcy yet again, “refuses to accept anything.” Lizzy wondered at the restraint her intended showed because a lesser man who dared to point at Mr. Darcy not once, but twice, might have found his finger snapped off at the joint.
Before she could voice her surprise, Mr. Darcy responded to the accusation. “I am simply being practical, sir; my income is more than sufficient to provide funds for the care of my future wife.” Despite his anger, a smile formed on his mouth when he said ‘wife’ and his eyes softened as they looked to the subject of his affection. “But you, sir, have a wife and two other daughters to provide for, not to mention the likelihood that your youngest will need financial assistance for the balance of her marriage and beyond.”

“Is it not shameful enough that I am obliged to you for the expense of one daughter’s marriage and the living of her husband, but you expect me to allow you the full measure of support for my most beloved daughter as well? It cannot be.”

Will these two work out their differences? Will Mrs. Bennet ever learn to keep her mouth shut? Stay tuned. 

Betrothed to Mr. Darcy will be available September 18 from Lazy Day Publishing. 

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