Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WWDD---What Would Darcy Do?

Welcome Back!

When I got the idea for What Would Darcy Do posts I thought it would be a different scenario every week but I'm having so much fun with the plane that I'm going to stay there until I get tired of it.

If you'd like to go back and relive the fun. Week One is here and Week Two is here.

Which brings us now to Week Three. I got this idea while vacuuming this morning. If you all like it, that might mean I'll have to vacuum more so I am torn about what sort of response I hope to get.


Liz patted her hair to make sure it was in place, then softly tapped on the cockpit door before entering. 

Her heart fluttered when Captain George Wickham turned from his piloting duties and smiled at her. She'd met many pilots in her day, but none looked so handsome in their uniform as George Wickham. Perhaps it was the way he wore his hat in rakish disarray, but she suspected it was the way his eyes looked at her and made her feel tingly and naughty; like he knew just how to get her wheels off the ground. 

Their hands touched when she handed him a glass of soda and a shot of electricity spurted through her body. 

"We're all meeting up for drinks at the hotel bar after we land, Liz. Will I see you there?"

 The invitation was just what she'd been hoping for. "Of course I can't stay out too late, but it would be nice to get out and see everyone." 

Wickham winked at her. "I'll make sure you're in bed early." 

Flustered, Liz retreated to the galley where her friend, Charlotte, was preparing hot towels for the first class passengers. She surveyed Liz and said "I see you've been flirting in the cockpit again." 

"You told me that a woman needs to let a man know she's interested. I'm just following your advice." 

"I would advise you to stay away from Captain Wickham. He is a notorious flirt and rumor has it he is broke since his first two wives have taken him to the cleaners. Better to find a nice steady man who has his feet firmly on the ground." 

"Charlotte! What about love and romance?" 

"Finding love is really just a matter of chance. Better to make sure you have a roof over your head and money in the bank or you'll be serving coffee and danish until you're old and gray." 

This discussion was interrupted by a signal that the passenger in seat 1A needed assistance. "Oh, that man is so disagreeable. I can't imagine what he wants other than to complain," Liz said. 

"I was just out there," Charlotte said. "I think he wants to see you." 

"I am sure that nothing that I can do will please him," Liz said then left the galley to see to the somber gentleman's needs. 

Hmmm. Any ideas for what happens next?

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