Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WWDD--What Would Darcy Do? More High Flying Fun

Last week my first WWDD was about Mr. Darcy on a plane. You can read that post here. I had so much fun that I decided to continue that scene.

The plane was just about to pull back from the gate. Mr. Darcy glanced around and noticed the two seats behind him and his new friend, Chuck, were empty. If no one showed up, perhaps he'd be able to move and have those two seats to himself. He was ill qualified to recommend himself to strangers and thus preferred to travel without the necessity of social chit chat. 

Just as he was about to release his seat belt and make his move, a clatter arose at the entrance to the plane and two women, presumably mother and daughter, clamored onto the plane, their hands overflowing with shopping bags. 

"Oh my dear Lydia," the elder woman said. "We made it. Right on time. I always knew we would." 

The commotion created by the two newest passengers brought Liz out of the gallery. Mr. Darcy noticed that the look in her eyes went from vibrant to horrified to calm in an instant. She assisted the two women to get their bags stowed so that the plane could take off on time. 

"Lord, I'm so hungry," the younger woman said. 

"Look at us, flying first class. I always knew we were meant for such luxury. How fortunate that the odious Mr. Collins died before you father so that we were able to keep all of his frequent flyer miles." 

"I never thought I'd have so many miles on me," Lydia said. 

Oh...I have to stop. I think this is taking a bad turn. What do you think?


  1. I rather like it. The mixture of original Austen and the modern setting is fun.

  2. bahaha I bet Lydia does have more than her fair share of miles on her! I hope Darcy remembered to pack his noise-cancelling headphones. I like this, you should keep going with it. Poor Lizzy though.


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