Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Would Darcy Do----More First Class Fun

This is supposed to be a series of posts about Mr. Darcy, but I keep having ideas for what the other characters would do while they are all together on the plane. This week, though, let's get back to Mr. Darcy.

You can get caught up on last week's post here.

The incessant chatter of the mother/daughter combo seated behind him made Darcy's head throb. Recent changes to air travel which made it possible for anyone with enough frequent flyer miles to upgrade to first class had been a trial for him. To fly in a first class cabin with such company was insupportable.

There was a lovely, serene blonde woman across the aisle whom his chatterbox seatmate had engaged in conversation. She was the only handsome woman in the cabin.

Chuck Bingley continued talking to her, though Darcy had trouble discerning whether she was interested in what he said or if she was just being polite. No matter, the plane would land and they would all go their separate ways.

Or so he hoped.

At that moment, the plane hit some turbulence which rocked the plane a bit from side to side.

"Heavens! We are going to crash," the woman behind him said to her daughter, and everyone else. "I knew it. We are going to die and that is just what your father would want. He cares nothing for me."

"Mama," Lydia said. "We shall not die."

Liz had left the galley to attend to the call button over Mr. Darcy's seat but when she heard the panic in the woman's voice she decided to address that issue first.

"Ma'am," she said leaning close in order to keep their conversation discrete. "It was just a small bit of turbulence. I am sure we will be fine."

"Miss?" Lydia said. "Could we have more of those cookies? I'm so hungry."

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  1. This series is so much fun. Chuck talking to the cute blonde made me smile.

    Now I want cookies.


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