Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Would Darcy Do---Mr. Darcy Goes To Summer Camp

I've taken a couple weeks off from my What Would Darcy Do posts. My apologies to my reader(s).

I had fun with the Pride and Prejudice Gang on an airplane, but I think I'll move on to another scenario.

Welcome to Mr. Darcy Goes To Summer Camp, Part One 

Standing in the doorway to the camp mess hall, Fitzwilliam Darcy surveyed the chaos that was meal time at Camp Pemberley. He found an empty table in the corner and hoped to have at least a few minutes of peace even if fine dining was not an option.

To his dismay, two girls joined him at the round table.

"I should hate to pass many hours in such company, don't you agree, Lou?" A tall, bony featured girl said looking around the mess hall with a sniff. She wore a crisp white tennis dress and the mandatory Camp Pemberley name tag with "Caroline" written in elaborate script.

"I cannot believe that we have been forced to attend this camp, simply because Charlie is a counselor," Lou said.

Caroline sighed. "I am still angry with Mummy and Daddy for going off to Europe and leaving us with Charlie."

"Shhhh," Lou gave her sister a meaningful look. "We shouldn't talk about this in front of strangers."

Caroline leaned toward Fitzwilliam and squinted at his name tag. "Well, Fitz," she said. "This is Lou and I am Caroline." She turned back to her sister. "There, now we are not strangers."

Lou rolled her eyes.

"Tell me, Fitz," Caroline surveyed him from head to toe in a way that made him decidedly uncomfortable. "What do you think of Camp Pemberley?"

Not exactly sure of how much he wished to reveal to these two girls, Fitzwilliam was slow to respond. Just when he opened his mouth to respond, a firm hand clapped him on the back. "Isn't this fantastic? My favorite camper and my sisters all having dinner together." Fitzwilliam looked up and his fear was confirmed. Charlie, his effusive counselor was also the brother of these two girls.

"Save me a seat," Charlie said before rushing off to the kitchen. "I'll be right back with our franks and beans."

Come back next Wednesday to see what happens next. Since I don't have any idea, feel free to offer some suggestions. 


  1. Oh, poor Fitz - substandard cuisine, an overzealous counselor, who will likely force him to participate in unseemly camp games, and annoying women. Welcome to Camp Pemberly.

    Will there be a camp song?

    1. Heehee. Good idea. I do picture Mrs. Bennet as the song leader banging away at an upright piano in the corner of the mess hall.


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