Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mr. Darcy at Summer Camp---Part Two

Part One of this exciting saga can be found here

Franks and beans appeared to be a favorite of everyone at Camp Pemberley except for the two Bingley sisters and Fitz Darcy who had all picked at their plates with dismay, despite the effusions of Charlie Bingley.

“This food is odious,” Lou said, scrunching up her nose in distaste. “I suppose they’ll be serving us Ragu tomorrow.”

 “Honestly, must you all be so fastidious?” the counselor said to his tablemates. “This stupid manner of yours is NOT the Camp Pemberley way.”

“Oh lord,” Caroline said. “There’s a ‘Camp Pemberley Way’? Pray, tell us all about it.”

“A Camp Pemberley Camper is cheerful and courteous at all times,” Charles recited pointing to a banner on the wall with a numbered list on it. “A Camp Pemberley Camper strives to accomplish much, whether it is in the arts and crafts room or on the playing field.”

“Must you go on?” Fitz groaned. “We can all read the list.”

“I am merely pointing out,” Charlie said, “that you would all have a better time if you had a better attitude.”

Before the conversation could continue, the nightly ritual of thanking the cook for dinner began. The song leader, Mrs. Bennet, stood up and was heard over the clatter of dinner even without holding up her hand in the universal Camp Pemberley sign for quiet. “Attention!  Attention everyone! It’s time for the thank you song.”

Whereupon she began to lead them in a rousing chorus of:
Thank you, thank you. You are so kind.
Thank you, thank you. Let us kiss your…hand.

While everyone joined in the song, a reluctant woman in a tall chef’s hat and white coat with the name Pat inscribed over her heart was drug from the kitchen. She blushed and waved at the campers. When the cheers died down she announced, “Tomorrow night…mac and cheese!”

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  1. Ah, visions of Chef Boyardee, Ragu, and spaghetti-o's fill my head.

    Mac and cheese?! My favorite!


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